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Sherlock Holmes:  The Final Adventure

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening

Alice In Wonderrland, Jr.

Alice In Wonderrland, Jr.



Welcome to the Pulse Opera House!

Celebrating our 30th year!!

30 YEARS AGO – Pulse Opera House was just “a big empty,” quoting a college friend of mine. Pictured here in 1986, just before the restoration of the theatre began, here’s a performer’s view from the stage of the theatre without any seats or risers. With a dream starting from a 15 year old girl (Cynthia) and, years later, funds raised by Cynthia, her parents, & a select few town members; the restoration of the 1884 Opera House soon started & opened with theatre seats from an old movie theatre torn down in Muncie, a new stage proscenium, stage lights & sound, a fresh coat of paint, and a PASSION to Restore Live Theatre and the Arts back to Warren & Huntington county. We hope you ALL join us in our 30th year of the Restoration of the Pulse as audience & as great performers on stage!
pulse 30 years ago


 The Cast for “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure.” has been announced!

The adventure begins! From Shakespeare to Sherlock, we are ready to start the next chapter. We had a great turnout for “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure.” Pleased to announce the cast which has Pulse regulars as well as some new faces. The games afoot!

SHERLOCK HOLMES – Tanner Crawford
DR. WATSON – Matt Stephenson
IRENE ADLER – Jennifer Jennings
KING OF BOHEMIA – Brandon Harnish
JAMES LARRABEE – Adam Drummond
SID PRINCE – John Cole
POLICE – Caleb Ivins
CLERGY – Dillon Higginbottom


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